About Jason Dimer

Hello and welcome. I’m your guide, Jason Dimer, a proud Ngadju Wangkatha man with deep roots in this community. As we embark on this journey, I’ll unveil the rich tapestry of my heritage and the incredible legacy left by my ancestors.

Born and raised amidst the golden landscapes of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, I am the Great Grandchild of Thomas Cooper and Trilby Cooper, revered figures in both the local and neighboring areas. My story is intricately woven into the fabric of this land, and I’m excited to share it with you.

As the son of the late Neil and Janet Dimer, I stand on the shoulders of two influential figures who have significantly shaped the growth and development of the Goldfields Aboriginal community. Neil and Janet were not only remarkable artists but also pioneers in advancing Aboriginal affairs in Goldfields.

My father, Neil Dimer, was a multifaceted leader who made enduring contributions to various sectors. From his impactful work in Community Welfare to his advocacy in the Aboriginal legal sector, housing, health, environmental conservation, and sports and recreation – his legacy is etched into the very essence of this town.

Growing up under the guidance of such an influential figure, I absorbed the wealth of knowledge about my culture, immersing myself in the legends and folklore passed down through art and storytelling. This journey of cultural discovery laid the foundation for my own path.

Today, I am honored to be recognised as an internationally acclaimed Aboriginal artist and advisor. Kalgoorlie-Boulder remains my home, and it is with great pride that I continue to contribute to the thriving cultural tapestry of this community.

As we stroll through the streets, let the stories of my heritage unfold before you. Discover the art, the history, and the profound connection to this remarkable land. Get ready for an unforgettable walking tour that not only showcases the beauty of Kalgoorlie-Boulder but also unveils the enduring spirit of its people.

Join Jason

as he guides you through the heart of Kalgoorlie's CBD,
telling stories behind his artworks & rich cultural history.

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