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Join Jason Dimer on this cultural walking tour and immerse yourself in the captivating stories, artistry, and spiritual heritage of Kalgoorlie's Aboriginal people. It's a unique opportunity to connect with the land and its stories in the company of a truly gifted artist and storyteller.

Tour Highlights

Begin your journey at the Paddy Hannan statue on Hannan St and delve into the significant role Aboriginal people played in the history of Kalgoorlie.

Explore one the largest First Nations outdoor art installations and hear Jason's insights into his murals and the cultural significance of this space.

Discover the mesmerizing stories behind Jason's Heartwalk murals, including the symbolism of the silky pear and the Karlukurla name.

Continue to explore and learn about Jason's family's spiritual connection to the Goldfields. Discover how he inspires local youth through his work and get a glimpse of the new Silky Pear sculpture.

Gain insights into the significance of health for Aboriginal communities and why services like BEGA are essential and how Jason’s family played an instrumental role in its establishment.

Uncover the spiritual significance of the land, where waterholes hide ancient spirits, a sight cherished by local Aboriginal people.

The tour ends with stroll through a bush medicine garden, where you'll learn more about the ancient practices that anchor Aboriginal people to their cultural heritage and connection to the land.

" Don't miss out on this enriching experience. Book your tour today and take a step into Kalgoorlie's vibrant Aboriginal culture! "

Jason is an internationally renowned artist and cultural consultant who specializes in contemporary dot paintings with a narrative and figurative approach. As a Wongutha and Ngadju man, Jason’s work reflects a strong connection to his cultural roots and indigenous heritage. His late father, Mr. Neil Dimer, was an important leader and artist from the Goldfields region. Both Mr Dimer and extended families taught Jason the art of painting, which led him to create artwork that depicts his family’s stories and their journey through life.

Join Jason

as he guides you through the heart of Kalgoorlie's CBD,
telling stories behind his artworks & rich cultural history.

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